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True Earth Essential Mineral Concentrate (Used for Transplanting plants and starting seeds)

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Essential Minerals Solution can be used to soak seeds for 15 to 20 minutes before planting or to reduce shock to plants when transplanting.

EMS Application Rate:

·         3-inch starter plant use ¼ cup per plant

·         6-inch plants use ½ cup per plant

·         8-inch plants use ¾ cup per plant

·         10-inch plants or larger use 1 ½ cups per plant

To plant:

·         Prepare and loosen the soil.

·         Make a hole deep enough to hold the plant roots

·         Pour the EMS mixture into the hole

·         Place the plant in the soil

·         Thoroughly water the plant

·         Remove the air pockets by pressing the soil around the plant and the roots



·         Apply EMS by spraying the plants every 2 or 3 weeks early in the morning or late in the evening

·         Rinse sprayer before storing.