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Fresh American Ginseng Roots Sliced!

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Size: 8 oz

Fresh ginseng Slices, sliced to order! This fresh ginseng is not sliced up until your order is processed to ensure freshness!!

Fresh Ginseng is the best ginseng, it has 14% more Nutritional Value than dry ginseng, its efficacy, color and taste better than dry ginseng. Fresh ginseng has sweet taste after cooking, immune support, strengthen body functions before winter. Use of fresh ginseng: can be placed in spirits,liqueur, brandy, made into ginseng wine, cooking with rice, beef or soup. Storage: sealed and refrigeration to 34-39 ° F / 2-4 ° C, keep dry. Fresh ginseng like fresh fruits, for freshness, please have them as soon as possible

-Pictures shown are of the batch being sold, however, the color and shape of the actual Ginseng may vary slightly due to photographic lighting and farm products' nature.

- Fresh produce can not be sent to addresses outside the United States

- This product has not special treated, they will have a few small roots

- When you receive fresh ginseng, there may be slight moisture during transport, if so, please take them out from the bag as soon as possible, dry, resealed and refrigeration again.

Wisconsin Grown

Wisconsin Grown

At Dairyland Management LLC, we strive to bring the highest quality product to the market. Our roots come from rich, fertile Wisconsin soil and are cooled, cleaned, and dried in a controlled environment to maintain their premium quality. Dairyland's products are all natural with no additives, binders, or fillers.

Family Operated

Family Operated

This family-owned company is operated by father and son, George and Adam. With over 40 years of experience growing ginseng, we decided to bring our own products to the market in 2018. Our mission is to create a brand that is trusted and associated with providing the highest quality ginseng.

Ideal Climate

Ideal Climate

Wisconsin's rich soil and cool summer climate make it an ideal growing region to produce ginseng of unsurpassed quality. Ginseng needs a site that has moist, deep, well-drained soil and is not overly brushy allowing for forests of 75 percent shade. Dairyland's Wisconsin farm allows for this kind of growing environment.

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