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American Ginseng
American Ginseng
American Ginseng

All Natural Premium American Ginseng Tea 西洋参茶

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  • American Ginseng Tea, Made from 100% Pure Wisconsin Ginseng roots
  • Made in the USA to meet or exceed standards for quality, purity and potency.
  • Dairyland Management's GINSENG TEA: American Ginseng Tea is made from 100% Premium American Ginseng Roots. This American Ginseng Tea package comes with 20 Tea Bags with a net weight of 2g per bag. Each tea bag is sealed for freshness in a colorful foil. Natural Flavor No Sugar No Caffeine No Preservatives
  • NATURAL GROUND GINSENG ROOT TEA: This ginseng tea is an all natural ground American Ginseng Root Tea. It grows in the ground, harvested, dried and ground for tea. It's not for taste. This all natural ginseng tea that has No sweeteners and No additives. It's known to be one of the BEST natural herbs with a natural earthy taste.
  • POTENT HERBAL GINSENG ROOT TEA: American Ginseng Tea is known as a potent natural herbal ginseng tea. American Ginseng Tea helps with anxiety, stress, energy, fatigue, libido and health. Full effects may be realized after continued consistent use. American ginseng is a well-studied herb with a long track record of safety as a cognitive health supporter.

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