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About American Ginseng (Panax Quinquefolium)

Ginseng grows naturally in the Eastern half of the United States, basically along and east of the Mississippi River. In southern states it is limited due to the lack of cold weather that is required to break dormancy. Ginseng cannot be grown in direct sunlight, 70% to 80% shade is ideal. In selecting a site, a natural wooded area works very nice but must have at least a slight slope to avoid sitting water. It is best to plant at the top or side of a hill, not at the low end of the hill. A woods with a mix of different types or heights of trees is ideal. The plants can also be grown right in your own yard, but it must be a shady location. Rich, well drained soil on a slight slope is ideal. Ginseng is known to grow in a variety of soils. If other plants grow well, Ginseng will too. Ginseng likes moisture, but hates wetness. A low line area may cause root rot. Stratified American Ginseng Seed takes a year and a half before they germinate. Stratified means the seeds have been properly stored for one year and will germinate in the spring, most will be growing by May. All seeds undergo a "float test" which eliminates the seeds that have a hollow core, deeming them unfit for planting.  All seeds that pass the "float test" undergo a light treatment of bleach and water mixture to eliminate any possible disease that may be on the seed surface. I advise planting soon after seed arrives for best results, as Ginseng seed is difficult to store properly. The seed should be planted in soil at least a half inch deep. Each package will include detailed planting instructions to be sure the seed is properly cared for after arrival and throughout the planting process. Your success is my success!