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Fresh American Ginseng, supports immune system, Impoves Memory and Brain Function, Reduces Fatigue and Increase Energy.

Discover the Power of Fresh American Ginseng: A Guide to Proper Consumption


American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) is an extraordinary plant, celebrated for its array of health benefits. Hailing from the deciduous forests of North America, this herb has a centuries-old tradition in folk medicine. If you're seeking a natural boost for your wellness regimen, the potent panacea of fresh American ginseng may be your perfect fit.

Understanding American Ginseng

American ginseng is rich in unique compounds called ginsenosides, believed to have remarkable health-enhancing properties, including boosting the immune system, reducing stress, enhancing mental clarity, and even exhibiting potential anti-cancer effects. Also, many consume ginseng for its potential to regulate blood sugar levels, making it a valuable ally for those dealing with diabetes.

Harvesting Fresh American Ginseng

American ginseng is primarily found in the eastern deciduous forests of the United States. The harvesting season typically falls between September and December, with regulations varying by state to protect this valuable plant. It's crucial to note that American ginseng is a protected species due to its high demand and dwindling natural supply. Therefore, always ensure your source adheres to sustainable farming and ethical harvesting practices.

How to Consume Fresh American Ginseng

  1. Chewing Raw Ginseng: Perhaps the easiest way to consume fresh American ginseng is to chew the raw root. This method allows you to experience its subtly sweet yet bitter flavor fully. Make sure to wash the root thoroughly before consumption.

  2. Ginseng Tea: American ginseng tea is a common and enjoyable way to consume this beneficial plant. To make the tea, slice 2-3 grams of the root thinly and steep in hot water for around 5 minutes. Strain the liquid, and your revitalizing ginseng tea is ready.

  3. Ginseng Soup or Broth: Ginseng is a popular ingredient in Asian cuisine, often used in soups and broths. The mild flavor of American ginseng nicely complements savory dishes. Add ginseng to chicken or vegetable broth, simmer it for a few hours, and enjoy the nutritious, comforting soup.

  4. Ginseng Tincture: A more concentrated form of consumption, ginseng tinctures are essentially extracts of the root in alcohol. This method offers a more convenient and quick intake of ginseng's benefits. However, consult a herbalist or healthcare provider before making or using a tincture.

  5. Fresh Ginseng Juice: For those who prefer cold beverages, juicing fresh American ginseng root can provide an invigorating health boost. Blend ginseng root with your choice of fruits or vegetables and enjoy a refreshing, healthy juice.


From enhancing mental clarity to boosting immunity, the health benefits of fresh American ginseng are diverse and significant. Whether enjoyed as a tea, chewed raw, used in soups, transformed into a tincture, or blended into a juice, this potent root offers a natural, powerful addition to your wellness journey. Always remember to consume ginseng responsibly and in moderation, as excessive use may lead to side effects. If you have any health concerns or are taking medication, always consult a healthcare professional before incorporating ginseng into your routine.

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William Bowers - November 1, 2023

Awesome product, most delicious tea! Prompt service and fair prices

David Kuhns SpirittreeFarms.Com - October 26, 2023

Good article!
I purchased 20 ginseng rootlets for planting at our family owned Farm in Northwest georgia, The price was fantastic, the cheapest I found in my research, the ordering and check out was simple, they shipped right away and offered free shipping because I spent the required amount, and the rootlets arrived really quickly and in great shape. And they were much larger than I expected. They also had great instructions on how to plant my rootlets.
Overall a fantastic experience, but what would you expect from a company from Wisconsin!?!??
They even offered a coupon !!

James - September 19, 2023

My son in San Francisco sent us a bag of American Ginseng, and my wife and I tried the whole bag in rather a short period of time. Originally from Korea, where Ginseng has been known for its healthy nutrients over many generations, we were familiar with its a little bitter taste and firm believers of its effectiveness. My wife was recovering from autoimmune related illness at that time, and we thought it helped the progress a lot. It is known in Korea that high body temperature people do not benefit as much, since Ginseng is supposed to help warm up and build up immunity power from inside. I don’t wish I sound like medical professionals at all, but these are known facts in East Asian countries like Korea, China and Japan. We always like Ginseng products as long as they are grown and processed in clean and environmentally healthy conditiions like at Diaryland.

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